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European Health&Spa Award 2010

Jun. 09, 2010

We are European Champions!
Europe’s best spa holiday destination is; The Spirit Hotel ***** Thermal Spa in Sárvár in 2010

A Spa Events Candidates of the European Health & Spa Award were given prizes on the gala organised within the framework of Spa Events 2010 on 8 June. The international panel of judges handed over the European Health & Spa Awart in the category of Destination Spa prize to the Spirit Hotel ***** in Sárvár This is the first time a Hungarian candidate has won such a high-ranking prize in an international competition.

Nominations to the competition organised by the Vienna-based Agentur für Gesundheit & Wellness as well as leading Spa magazines such as Spaworld and Spa Inside, could be made in 10 categories from any European countries. The panel of the judges including five independent professionals evaluates the candidates and awards the prizes. They evaluate creativity, innovation, design, services, the tecnological and architectural solutions applied, the service of guests’ needs and the economic efficiency.

The European Health&Spa Award is one of the most prestigous Spa awards, which does not only measure quality but the winner also serves as an example to follow for any other participants of tourism.

The prize of the Spirit Hotel ***** focuses Europe’ s attention on the Hungarian health and spa tourism, supporting the idea that our country is a dominant entity not only in medicinal waters, but also it can successfully compete with the best European spa hotels.