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Spirit Hotel has received the Hungarian Quality Product Award

Sep. 05, 2014

Spirit Hotel in Sárvár has been rewarded whith one of the most prestigious recognition in Hungary, the Hungarian Quality Product Award. The prize was awarded by a unanimous decision of the jury to the five-star hotel, which has recently gained recognition not just within the Hungarian boundaries but it has won several prestigious international awards. The hotel reached these awards thanks to its wide range of services, the continuous development and its hospitality.

Rewarding the highest-quality domestic products and services, the Hungarian Quality Product Award has been received by Spirit Hotel Sárvár. The five-star hotel was awarded in the tourism category on the basis of the jury's unanimous opinion. There have been applications from a variety of areas for the most prestigious domestic, non-trade specific quality system’s certification award. Among the 78 winners of last year, only six tourism-related businesses won the award, so it is especially high value if a hotel gets such recognition.

"We are proud to own besides the international awards the prestigious recognition of the Hungarian Quality Product Award. We are working on the development of unique, personalized spa hotel service system in the hotel industry, which we hope will be similarly positive reception given "- Judith Lamperth the CEO of Spirit Hotel initiated into their plans.

The success of the latest developments shows that the hotel’s personalized cosmetic treatment of luxury mySPIRIT Bio cosmetics skincare product line has also won the Hungarian Quality Product Award. The luxury hotel’s medical spa section awaits guests where in the context of personalized health program they carry out health check and complete the traditional balneology and healing treatments with most modern treatments’.

This year for the hotel is particularly fruitful, as in addition to the prestigious national recognition it has been enriched recently by a number of international awards. The HolidayCheck international travel rating page have chosen the hotel on the basis of guest reviews among the best hotels and awarded the 2014 Holiday Selection Quality Award. Shortly thereafter it won the World Travel Awards in the category of the best spa hotels in Hungary.