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Spirit Hair Spa

Spirit Hair Spa

”The task of the artists is not to give people what they want but what they should be asking for”

The secret lies in the fact that I put the Guest’s personality and his or her life stage into the limelight while making the creations, keeping the latest fashion trends in focus.

Making the perfect hair-do needs expertise, human skills, feel for aesthetics as well as empathy. I have participated in several film and commercial shootings, castings and fashion shows during my 15 years of career, due to which I have managed to acquire the tricks of the profession on an international market.

My devotion to the hairstylist profession is basically defined by the elegant, high-level Jacques Dessagne style, and I choose my perfect professional products according to this.

I obtained my professional hairdresser trainer exam at the University of Pécs, howeve , I am taking part in in-trainings in order to further develop in my professional knowledge, for example, in the famous Dessange bun seminar in the lectures of the hairstylist of the Cannes Film Festival OR the Sencience by SHISEIDO trainings and


Anikó Gyulai
Hairdresser master, Hairstylist

Our products:

  • Senscience by SHISEIDO
  • Awapuhi by Paul Mitchell
  • Tea Tree by Paul Mitchell
Spirit Hair Spa prices
Short Half-length Long Duration
Finish € 20,-- € 24,-- € 27,-- 40'
Cutting, finish € 42,-- € 46,-- € 49,-- 50'
Highlights, finish € 49,-- € 52,-- € 56,-- 90'
Highlights, cutting, finish € 56,-- € 59,-- € 62,-- 110'
Hair colouring, finish € 59,-- € 62,-- € 66,-- 90'
Hair colouring, cutting, finish € 66,-- € 69,-- € 72,-- 120'
Hair colouring, highlights, finish € 69,-- € 72,-- € 76,-- 120'
Hair colouring, highlights, cutting, finish € 82,-- € 86,-- € 89,-- 140'
Celebratory bun € 54,-- 60'
Wedding hair design trial € 34,-- 40'
Wedding hair design € 100,-- 120'
Washing, finish € 22,-- 30'
Washing, cutting, finish € 29,-- 45'
Cutting with trimmer € 12,-- 20'
Cutting with trimmer, finish € 22,-- 30'
Cutting € 14,-- 30'
Washing, cutting, finish € 22,-- 40'


Sensciense by Shiseido Spa hair repair
Short Half-length Long Duration
True Hue – colour-protection treatment € 10,-- € 14,-- € 17,-- 10'
Inner restore intensif –
deep, improving mask for thick, damaged hair
€ 17,-- € 20,-- € 24,-- 15'
C.P.R. –
restoration for the dermis for the highly damaged hair
€ 27,-- € 34,-- € 40,-- 30'
Paul Mitchell Spa hair restoration treatment - Awapuhi wild ginger

The hydrating, regenerating effect of the Awapuhi-Hawaii ginger is combined with the hair renovating properties of the keratin protein in this treatment. The exclusive keratriplex agent deeply goes into the texture of the hair, restoring, strengthening and closing the damaged hair.

Keratriplex ampoule –
awapuhi and keratin deep highly effective hair restoration treatment
€ 27,-- € 34,-- € 40,-- 30'
Paul Mitchell - Tea Tree treatment for gents
Keravis and tea tree ampoule, against hair loss -- for normal and greasy hair

This serum contains essential tea tree, lavender, nettle and oregano oils besides the keravis (vegetable protein molecule), and is rich in vitamins, mineral. It combines cleaning and toning properties, it nourishes, hydrates both the scalp and the hair.

€14,-- 10'
Keravis and lemon, sage ampoule, against hair loss - for thin hair
The serum contains lemon and sage oil besides keravis (vegetable protein molecule) and essential tea tree, lavender, nettle and oregano oils, which stimulate the peripheral blood circulation in the scalp, therefore providing ideal conditions for the growth of healthy hair.
The treatment is recommended every second day, for 20 days on.
€14,-- 10'


Summer offer
Paul Mitchell- Sun collection
It is an exclusive treatment for dry hair damaged by sun and water. The treatment hydrates the hair, keeps its colour and softness and makes it silky.
Sun Recovery Hydrating Shampoo® - a hydrating, sulphate-free shampoo for the beautiful hair.
After-Sun Replenishing Masque® - protects from the UV radiation, it provides an immediate hydrating effect for the hair.
Sun Shield Conditioning Spray™- softens and makes the hair look brighter.
€40,-- 40'
sensciense by SHISEIDO
REPLENISH CRÈME –an improving treatment after sunbathing
It fills the hair with moisture while improving its condition, making it strong, healthy and soft.
It improves its hydrating abilities and repairs the epidermis therefore it makes the flexibility and the structure of the hair perfect. The cream makes the hair easy to handle and it provides it with soft texture and brightness.
€14,-- 40'
OMBRE Hair dye

The ombre is a hair dye method with colour transition, using shading to lighten the hair from the stem to the end in a natural way. The ombre hair dye does not mean a drastic change, still the result is magnificent.

Short Middle long Long Time
Hair dye € 96,-- € 102,-- € 109,-- 120'
Hair dye and cut € 102,-- € 109,-- € 116,-- 140'
Japanese hair straightening
The Sencience Thermal Straightening system applies the most novel Japanese styling technology from the Shiseido Laboratory which permanently straightens the thick, curly or wavy hair, providing it with bright straightness, perfecting both the condition and the structure of the hair.
Japanese hair straightening € 234,-- € 267,-- € 300,-- 120-140'