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Our wine offer in April

”Etyek –The vineyard of Budapest”

Luckily, there are more and more of us who are getting to know the Etyek Buda Wine Region, its wines and winemakers. This is mainly due to its proximity to the capital, and the increasingly known and visited festivals.


Owing to the lime loess soil, the cooler, wetter climate and dominantly white grape types, the wine region can proud with more and more beautiful wines. These wines are characterised by freshness, lightness, crunchy acids, fruity features. Apart from fresh white wines, the Pinot Noir type also feels perfect, which is probably the only red type on the wine region, reflecting its terroir character.


The most important tasks of Etyek are the exploitation and development of opportunities offered by wine tourism, and its proximity to Budapest.


Kertész Family Cellars: The family bought a cellar built in 1862 in Kecskegödör in 2007. The renovation and expansion of the cellar was completed in 2008, in both traditionally Etyek and Mediterranian styles. The technological equipment of the cellars is modern, too, ranging from cool-heat steel containers, through the ebest Hungarian oak barrels to the Spanish barrique barrels made of American oak, everything can be found int he depth of the beautifully renovated cellar.

József Szentesi, Budaörs, Etyek Buda Wine Region: József Szentesi’s cellar hides in Budaörs, humbly, in the silent corner of a small street. His grapes are grown some kilometers northfrom Lake Velencei, in the neighbourhood of Nadap, on granite soil. József is the advocate of the clear, artisan winemaking, he is convinced that anything that is added to the wine spoils it. He believes that the quality of wine is 100% determined by the quality of the grape it is made of. In order to maximise quality, he makes his wines from grapes whose production is drastically limited.

Haraszty Cellars: With its name, the winery honours Ágoston Haraszty, who can be regarded as the father of Californian winemaking. The Haraszty Vallejo Cellars owns vineyards in California and Argentina, apart from Etyek. Their wine familieas are famous next to the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Irsai Olivér, Sauvignon Blanc based wines. Also, the Haraszty Vallejo Cellars of Etyek produces rosé and barrique wine specialities.


Etyek Manor (Etyeki Kúria): Etyek Manor was established in 1996, with 2 ha of vineyard. Soon, it became the leading winery of the wine region. In 2000, significant developments were started, a modern production plant and a cosy wine tasting area were built. In Alcsútdoboz, 10 ha of grapes were planted, due to which the size of the present growing area reached 18 ha. They were the first to plant Pinot Noir grapes, and the wines made from it has brought many award for the cellars.