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Our wine offer in February

Dénes Hill Estate


The Sághegy is the North-Western volcanic production ground of the Somló Wine Region, its wine is made unique by its special acidity, often combined with fruity flavours. The acidity is the result of the local climate: both the strong northern winds bumping into the slopes emerging from the flat surroundings, and the tremendous amount of the sunshine enable the protection of the acidity of the vines, also affecting the wine itself.


The estate and the winery owned and operated by the family is located on the Sághegy (Ságsomlyó in its Medieval name) belonging to the Big-Somló wine region. On the variable, rich volcanic basalt, tuff, clastic ground, it is mainly white wines that are prepared, nevertheless, there are experiments going on with types providing red wine. In a uniqe location, above the shoulder of the hill, the wine filtered from a Riesling plantation, cultivated with a traditional prunning method, is a real speciality. In the grape cultivation, the aim is to be true to detail, and, as far as winemaking is concerned, their target is to create an artisan winery using the least minimal technologies.

Garger Imre Cellars


Winemaking goes back to hundreds of years of tradtition on the Vas Hill. On the hill, which is part of the Sopron Wine Region, they fill the barrels mainly with Kékfrankos, Zweigelt and Pinot Noir. Besides their reviving family estate, there is a bottling and manufacturing plant in Vaskeresztes and also there is a pálinka-maker workshop in operation.


Imre Garger planted the first vines in the Vashegy in 2003. Exclusively to places where the locals had already given up grape-cultivation for many years. What is more, he planted types that are typical to the hill. Ninety per cent Kékfrankos, a little Merlot and Zweigelt next to it, just for the sake of a nice game. He did not think of fashionable international types, he had rather have insisted on traditional grape types typical to the hill. 

White wines

Sághegyi Chardonnay 2008
Dénes Hegybirtok
This grape variety gives an elegantly, greenish yellow, long, solid and full bodied dry wine. With a fine varietal character, its fragrance recalls locust accompanied by a touch of bitter lemon peel and vanilla.

Sághegyi Olaszrizling 2007
Dénes Hegybirtok  
This wine is harmonic and dry wine, from straw-colored to amber go through in color. It has the scent of honey, vanilla, roasted peanut combined with rich citrus, orange and mandarin flavor.

Rosé wines

Vaskeresztesi Rosé 2012
Garger Imre Pincészet 
It is a delicate grape variety but good vintages deliver unforgettable wines. A dry, light and spicy rose, acids and aromas are equal rate.

Red wines

Vaskeresztesi Kékfrankos 2009
Garger Imre Pincészet   
Ruby red in color, fruity in nose, minerality and spicy in mouth. Matured first for 12 month in large wooden casks and then another 12 month in bottle.

Vaskeresztesi Cuvée 2010
Garger Imre Pincészet 
This wine was born in hummer’s south side, this cuvee of 50 % Kékfrankos and 50 % Merlot. The typical Kékfrankos and Merlot well complemented each other.

You can round off the perfect evening with a good Palinka. You will be surprised by the quality and selection.