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Our wine offer in January

Dear Guests,

As it became  regular in thecourse of the last year, we introduce new cellars month by month through our newsletters, and we offer their wines at our dinner table. Let’s start the year 2013 with several outstanding wineries nearby Sárvár. All the three winemakers prepare for the dear guests visiting us in January with wines characteristic of the area both in their taste and aromas.

Garger Cellars-Vashegy (Vas Hill)

On the hill, there has been hundreds of years of traditions for winemaking. On the hill which is a part of the Sopron wine region, there are mainly Kékfrankos, Zweigelt and Pinot noir poured into the barrels. Besides the revitalised family businesses, there is a bottling and manufacturing workshop and a pálinka making plant in operation. On both sides of the border, both the family business and the wineselling have remained available along with the creation of some modern vinotques.

Imre Garger planted the first vines on the Vashegy in 2003. He managed them on areas where the locals had given up grape cultivation. Also, he did this with types that are suitable for the hill. Ninety percent Kékfrankos, varied with  some Merlot and Zweigelt, and the last two only for the sake of a bit of a game! Surely, Imre Garger is a clever and safe player, someone who never gambles. Therefore, luckily, he did not think of fashionable world types, rather, he insisted on traditional grape types that are suitable for the hill.

His 2009 Kékfrankos became the 53rd best wine of Hungary and the 21st best red wine.  One of the Hungarian dailies publishes its TOP 100 issue, in which it ranks the best Hungarian wines. The types typical of the Vashegy, the Merlot and the Kékfrankos, have been grateful for the subtle  grape cultivation and the cellar work: the Kékfrankos of the years 2006 and 2007 of the Garger Cellars were chosen the red wine of the West Hungarian University  both in 2010 and 2011.

Dénes Hegybirtok (Ság Hill)

The family-owned and operated vineyard and winery is located on the Ság Hill (in its Medieval name known as Ságsomlyó) belonging to the Great Somló wine region. At present, the grape cultivation on more than half a hectar is located on the western and eastern slopes of the volcanic monadnocks. Besides this, 1.2 ha grapes newly planted in 2007 provide the best wines on a yearly basis.

There are mainly white wines made on the varied, rich, volcanic basalt and tuff clastic ground, and also, they experiment with types providing red wines. The mainstream of their wine offer ranges from the light, fruity clearly reductive white and rosé wines through the richer, more robust white wines matured traditionally in barrels to the late harvested, naturally sweet wines.

In a unique location, above the shoulder of the hill, there are Riesling vines traditionally cultivated according to the demands of hilly georaphical features for the past 90-100 years ( bakművelés) providing filtered wine , which has proved to be a real speciality. The aims are to work carefully in grape cultivation, to use minimal technology in in making wine and, also to create artisan wine making.

Láng Cellars, Kőszeg

The life of the inhabitant, traditional, Köszeg hauer ( hoed grape farmer) family, the Láng family, has been amalgamated with grape cultivation and winemaking. The respect and love for the vineyards and wines of Kőszeg are a tradition inherited through generations in the Láng Cellars.

Their business grew bigger in the time of the ”jövisek”, meaning fresh grape shots in the Köszeg slang (Szőlő Jövésének Könyve, 1740). The modern age starts from 1980, and now it has become an 8-ha land, which is not supposed to be big according to country standards, although in Köszeg terms, it is one of the most significant vineries. However, it is a traditionally artisan winemaking, they are motivated by traditions and the respect for their ancestors when cultivating their grapes and making their wines.

Their principle is that quality wine can only exclusively be made of quality, healthy grapes, therefore the winemaking begins during the cultivation of grapes. In the course of their grape cultivation, they put a huge emphasis on the protection of the environment and the nature, also the implementation of human, health care and ecological points are of high priority.

Typically to the Sopron wine region, they manage grapes producing red wines, 7 different world types and Hungaricums: Kékfrankos, Blauburger, Pinot noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc and also Bíborkadarka.

According to the conviction of their cellar, they put the emphasis on the ”terroir”-typical, regional grapes suitable for the land, and these are the Kékfrankos and the Blauburger. They also manage white grapes (Riesling and Chardonay) that obtained a huge role in the 2010 spring planting. In order to expand their offer, they make rosé and sweet dessert wines as well.

In summary, our vineyards are cultivated day by day so that the inscription of the Town Hall of Kőszeg should become true: ”Vineyards bloom in peace…”