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Our wine offer in June

Csordás Cellars-The treasures of Somló

Somló mount is emerging from the plain int he south of the Small Plain, creating versatality int he landscape withits typical scone attracting the eye, and the so called ”basalt organs”, natural phenomena  known all over Europe make it a target for hiking. The other treasure of Somló is the grape. Its special microclimate spreading between the Alps and the Bakony Mount, and also its special composition soil make both the taste and the fragranceof ”the liquor of the mount” unique.

The wine of Somló is as characteristic as the mount itself, therefore its quality and fame equals that of Badacsony, howeve, perhaps with Tokaj, too. Somló is the smallest historical wine region because its wine cultivation does not expand to the surrounding areas, buti t is exclusively liited to the slopes. Therefore, it is mainly the gourmets and sophisticated wine drinkers that consume them, at celebratory events and in small family circles or within the circle of friends. Offering Somlói, presenting it as a gift is a sign of respect.


The offer of our hotel for June:

  • Csordás Somlói Olaszriesling, 2010: pale, hay yellow, clear, modest with a youthful fragrance. Late harvested version is also available. You can feel fruitiness, aroma sin its fragrance and its taste.
  • Csordás Somlói Furmint Selection 2007: We made it from really matured ingredients, from late harvested grapes, with soaking it on skin for 4-5 hours and this wine is matured in a small barrel. It is complex, full of minerals, robust. This is a real Somló wine real Furmint!
  • Csordás Somlói Juhfark Selection 2009: It is characteristic, robust, the most typical wine of Somló mount. It is a real Hungaricum,. It is modest in its fragrance, srtong in minerals and full of balance with a beautiful taste harmony.We made a selection from the brilliant year’s harvest of 2006, in which the characteristic tastes of theSomló can be founbd.


Vincze Winery-Eger

Those who know Béla Vincze, winemaker a little, know that for him winwemaking is religion. As a winemaker of Eger, he knows every movement of the area, from harvest to harvest, he works hard so that the vines of the southern slopes of the Bükk could produce their best.
The vineyards of the winery can be found at the borders of many different settlements  int he Eger wine region. His main aim isto reach outstanding quality,and looking for the highest limits. He looked for plantations and areas for this attitude, that have been taken out of cultivation since the 50ies and 70ies, and you could know from the elderly that they used to be perfect places to produce wine. The fruit of these slopes can be enjoyed in the Spirit Hotel now.

From our offer:

  • Vincze Béla Merlot 2008:  The sour cherry character ,typical of the wine region,is supplemented by the spiciness of the black-ripen cherry. Its tannins are ripen together, it is a velvety, round wine. Its full aromas, long-lasting flavour stays in our mouth for a long time.
  • Vincze Béla Cabernet Souvignon: This is a new barrique-barrel matured wine, that is selected before bottling in order to maximise quality. A mature, fine, sour-cherry fruity character is mixed with the aromas of dried, fruits and jams,( rose hip, plum, mulberry). A real speciality. We offer to consume it for roasts that are steamed together with dried fruits, or, perhaps with black fruity sauces.
  • Vincze Béla Cabernet Franc 2008: A very dark colour, even on the walls of the glass there are flows of lilac. In its fragrance, there is a lot of sour cherry. In its taste, it is vivid, almost sharp acids and is supplemented by a little barrel-smoke.
  • Vincze Béla Syrah 2008: Its fragrance is a little spiky . It is like those from the new world, it is robust at first, but something is not ok. This is the unusual in its taste. It is like biting into wild fruits after the cultivated fruits with a hard taste. Wild apple, medlar, rose hip: it is more to be liked in its taste than in its fragrance.  Its tastes are hard, robust, special and unique and the tannin-end fits it. There is a kind of a wild character in it. ( Zoltán Benyák).