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Our wine offer in May

" The grape is a marvellous plant. It can survive the hard times, providing peace, belief, joy, comfort,and, God forget it, pleasant intoxication to its exhausted master. However, so that the wine can make a modest living, too, we need new strides, more sophisticated technology and knowledgable wine drinkers, besides respecting the traditions. Yes, we need drinkers of wine, who feel, understand the masterpieces, compositions, since the good wines are finely-tuned artefacts. The good wine sounds at a low voice and clearly, like Gregorian songs, which carress the  church-like silence of cellars."
Mihály Figula


The Figula Cellars celebrates the 20th anniversary of its establishment, nevertheless, the enthusiasm of the family towards winemaking dates back to earlier times on Balatonfüred, also called the precious stone of Lake Balaton. the great-grandfather, István Tolnay was one of the most respectable winemakers of Balatonfüred in the XIXth century. In order to achieve the traditionally high quality, every step of the winemaking process is done  or supervised by the family itself, from the caring for the grapes to the bottling of the wine.
They have achieved serious respect with their wines on several Hungarian and World competitions, in Bordeaux, Brussels, Paris,  due to the results of consciencious and strict professional work. As an acknowledgement of his many years of work, Mihály Figula won the highest professional recognition in Hungary in 2000, the title " The Winemaker of the Year", and also, he was the member of the "Pannon Winemaker Guild", encompassing the leader winemakers of the country. His work is respectfully continued by his family.
When making wines, the most important aspect is to highlight the uniqueness of that particular area. In their offer, we can find the light, fruity, young wines, as well as the robust, late-harvested, matured wines, which, of course, separate the winemaking technologies, too. Their aim is to create a unique cellar style, which, supplemented by the region's specialities,  results in a special quality year by year.
The lucky meeting of the natural circumstances, the landscape and the winemaker makes their vineyards so beautiful, watching them from either side of Lake Balaton.


Riesling of Balatonszőlős, 2011
A fresh, discreet falvoured white wine with green fruity aromas, full harmony and a finelx acid after-flavour. It is a perfect company from the most important white grape of the wine region.


Yellow Muscat of Balatonfüred, 2011
The Yellow Muscat of Balatonszőlős is picked in its fuull ripeness in order to keep the flavours besides its fragrances. The 12-hour soaking on the skin, half of them  fermented and matured in wooden barrels, the rest in containers with its own yeasts. its fagrance is of Oriental parfume, and the modest fragrance of lychee. A harmonious, cheerful sip, with a little bitter ad minerals at the end, whic, in our opiniopn, fitted it. It is frarace-type, still substancial and maturable.


Szilénusz Cuvée of Balatonfüred, 2007
This is the concentration of the most beautiful areas of the estate. The different types are harvested on the same day, therefore, they ripe together from the first moment. The earlier years got "Commended" Award in Paris, Brussels, the 2007 in London, on the IWC. It can be a perfect accompaniment of goose liver at the Christmas table.


Kékfrankos Rosé of Balatonfüred, 2011
It is ayoung, fresh wine, with a deeper salmon pink colour and a fine, clean fragrance resembling mainly that of stawberry or raspberry. It is fresh, thirst-quenching, dry wine with fruity acids. The more-than-average alcohol content is decorated with powerful acids.


Tihanyi Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
In the flavour the fine elagant, and in the mouth party-coloured, rich exciting aromas has nutmeg, clove, leather, kefir-yoghurt flavours. Velvety textured, real Balaton-styled, but even not robust wine. A lighter Cabernet made from full-ripened grape has charming fruitness and delicate tannins. In this vintage is also come the yield from the Bordoma slope on Zádor Hill of Pécsely, aged in third-year oak barrels for 12 months our winery’s red wine.


Merlot Selection of Tihany, 2009- VinAgora 2011, Gold Medal
The depth of the fragrance opening fruity features is provided by the modestly dry, mineral line besides the chocolate and the sour spicy character. The minerals appear in the taste, or rahter, this is the first experience that is provided in the mouth. Then come the sour cherry, mulberry and currant tastes, providing a beautiful harmony with the  matured tannins and the alcohol content. It is a round, strong wine with a long-lasting effect.