Our wine offer in November
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Our wine offer in November

Söptei Family Cellars

The Söptei Family Cellars in its present form were born in 1997, incorporating vineyards, a winery and the accompanying gastronomy. According to their phylosophy, the key to success in these three closely related professions can only exclusively be passion for the profession and honest work.
As winemakers they are strongly convinced that not only we have to know the grapes and the drink made from them, but also the area and the land where the tradition is deeply rooted. Therefore, they have chosen the estate in the full awareness of the characteristics of the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region.
Situated in the imaginary axis of the Tihany Peninsula, the Pécsely Basin is one of the most beautiful areas of the Balaton Highlands. It is closed by various hills covered with woods and vineyards in the North-East, and it turns to the Lake Balaton in the East. The huge part of the Söptei Estates is situated in this wonderful basin, 6 km from the Lake Balaton, in the borders of the village of Pécsely.
The small winery belonging to the family estate was built at the foot of the Péter Hill, in the vicinity of Csopak. They make their wines here from ingredients made with special care. After cleaning the base grape drink, they mostly use reductive maturing, however, with certain types, oak barrels are applied. This is the way for bottling 25000 bottles of fresh, fruity, rich wines, still keeping the characteristics of the type.

In November, the following wines are on offer for our guests:


White wines

  • Csopaki Chardonnay

A light crispy, reductive white wine with energetic acids. The aroma and the taste amaze us with fresh fruits like pear and apple. The throughout taster can discover besides a mineral aroma.

  • Csopaki Olaszrizling

This grape variety gives an elegantly dry wine light in colour with a sparkling shine. With a fine varietal character, its fragrance recalls mignonette accompanied by a touch of bitter almond and honey.

  • Csopaki Pinot Blanc

It has a spicy scent, rich flavours and lively acidity. Tasting it is like smelling a spice box which reveals new secrets upon each opening.

Rosé wines

  • Tihanyi Kékfrankos Rosé Gyöngyözőbor

This wine has a beautiful light colours and characteristic aromas it is a worthy representative of the progressive traditions of our winery. It has the scent of red-skinned fruits with rich and yet fresh and pleasant flavours.


Red wines

  • Pécselyi Kékfrankos-Merlot “Két évi” (2008-2009)

An exquisite light-bodied red wine characterized by a medium red colour, rich aromas and fruitiness. It is scent has a hint of ripe sour cherries and plums with the fruitiness, combined with some mild spiciness present in it’s flavours as well.

  • Pécselyi Merlot Vekenye-dűlő Selection (2008)

It is a delicate grape variety, but good vintages deliver unforgettable wines. You cannot miss the typical raspberry nose and its soft, ripe tannins.


You can round off the perfect evening with a good Palinka. You will be surprised by the quality and selection.