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Our wine offer in October

György Villa Cellars

The history of human civilisation and that of the grape culture are interrelated. Wine keeps time in its year, humans keep it in their memories, whereas stones in their reality. The stones of the György Villa shows us the culture of old days, the memories of diligent winemakers, the love for life of the builder. The György Villa of Budafok, possessing hundreds of years of tradition, being a wine museum as well, gives home to the gastronomical wine family of winery, the specifically selected and treated wines.


The wine specialities of the György Villa come from the Etyek-Buda wine region and from the Villány wine region worthily famous for its red wines. The building surrounded by picturesque landscape, giving eternal home to the wine family welcomes the friends of good wine.


The head winemaker of György Villa, László Romsics, has grown up in a grape cultivator and winemaker environment. He writes about this time: ”I was infected by the love for wine in Villány, where I spent many weekends in my childhood in my parents’ Portugueser garden. Those days, I was not at all happy to be the guest of the Star Valley. …Anyway, the smell of people working in the cellar, the smell of the cellar itself, and the way the pressed red grape ’s smell, fermenting in wooden barrels in the corner, fills the space imprinted in me for a life. My devotion to wine, however, derives from a later time, perhaps, not consciously, when I was taken to the Horticulture and Food Industry University, where I graduated in 1990, on the Wine-Soft drink Faculty, as an engineer. By that time, I had been a skilled winemaker.At least I thought I had learned everything I could. However, the best was yet to come!..”


He obtained most part of his professional experience abroad: he has visited several wine regions of Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and California. The knowledge from journeys abroad, especially studies from London and the above-mentioned international experience was used in Hungary, to the great satisfaction of the quality wine lovers.


”I would like to show the the clear fruitiness in the György Villa wines to the consumer. I go for the protection of taste of the grape and the freshness in the case of white and rose wines. With the red wines, similarily, where the use of barrels is restricted to to the maturing of the wine, and definitely not in supressing the fine fruits by the roasting aromas.I make good fragranced, light, easily consumable, however complex and aroma-rich wines. One of the most important merits of these wines is the balance and the harmony. I also like consuming them myself and I recommend it heartily to those who love good wine. These are the wine of today for the consumers of today.”, Romsics, László.


In October, there are some speciality wines:

  • Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon:

Full-bodied red wine made from grapes grown in the Villány wine region. Deep ruby red in colour, velvety, rich aromas and flavours. Cabernet Sauvignon is perhaps the best known and most popular red wine in the world. It is the spiciness of this wine that one notices first. Its rich flavours have a nice long finish. Consuming is recommended to game and beef dishes, also to aromatic cheese at 16-18 Degrees Celsius.

  • Etyeki Chardonnay:

This grape variety, the wine region’s and perhaps the world’s best-known one, is grown in our vineyards in Etyek. The György-Villa Etyek Chadonnay is a top quality wine with intense aromas and a fruity character, which blends with the scent of spring flowers. It has a fresh, pleasant taste helping consumers to become enamoured with this wine. Consuming is reommended to pasta and fish dishes at 10-12 Degrees Celsius.

  • Villányi Merlot:

This György-Villa Merlot was made from grapes grown in the Villány wine region. An exquisit full-bodied red wine characterised by a deep red colour, rich aromas and fruitiness. Its scent has a hint of ripe sour cherries and plums, with the fruitiness, combined with some mild spiciness, present in its flavours as well. Consuming is recommended to Hungarian style and game dishes at 15-16 Degrees Celsius.

  • Etyeki Sauvignon Blanc:

This grape variety, popular and well-know all over the world, comes from the vineyards in Etyek. Thanks to the most up-to-date technologies, it has a spicy scent, rich flavours and lively acidity. Tasting it is like smelling a spice box which reveals new secrets upon each opening. Consuming is recommended to light fish and poultry dishes, spicy roasts and asparagus.

  • Dörgicsei Rosé (Pántlika Pincészet):

A dry, light rosé with pleasant spice notes and fresh fruit flavours made from Kékfankos and Zweigelt grapes. All the freshness of the vintage can be felt in it.