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Our wine offer in September

The Villa Tolnay Winery can be found on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, the heart of its vineyard and the home to the winery can be found at the leg of Mount Csobánc. The winery owns 12 ha area only exclusively in the Badacsony wine-region. The winery is run by a small, innovative group of enthusiasts, lead by Philipp Oser, who is both the founder and the owner of the estate. He has developed the the characteristics of the today's Villa Tolnay wines, with the help of László Nagy.
The Villa Tolnay Winery regards wine as one of the most precious cultural heritage of Hungary. The most outstandind task of wine making on volcanic basalt soil is to make wines that carry the unique ans unmistakable features of the region. Its mineral content and acids provide a strong background by making the wines full with genuine fruity characters. Winemaking is aware of the great heritage it inherited by obtaining a part of the Hungarian cultural heritage. Mr Oser is a real advocate of the environment friendly plant protection, and he lets the wine become complete in a balanced way until bottling. Every wine is made by hand, including the harvest. The years between 2003 and 2009 and the positive feedback enforce the endeavours of wine making that is should apply only traditional production methods typical of that region of lake Balaton.
In the case of Villa Tolnay white wines, the basic pressed grapes is examined before further pressing according to its level of maturity in order to avoid extracting too much or too little aromas typical of that grape. The unmistakable and unique fruity feature is due to this step. The red wine are matured totally according to the Burgundese method in 4000-liter barrels. After the maturation, theh basic pressed grapes are given some time to rest. With this light method, the necessary aromas, tannins and colourants get dissolved, so a unique red wine is produced, with typical characters and a local "terroir".

Our offers:

  • 2011 Grüner Veltliner Stahl

Reflexing greenish-yellow, complex nose with scent of apple and citrus fruits, a hint of white pepper, sweet herbs and the typical green-rock minerallity. The palate is juicy, minerallic and remembers a fresh fruit-basket with pomaceous fruits, fresh and cool acidity, semi-bodied and peppery, long lasting final note.

  • 2011 Riesling Stahl

Fresh greenish-yellow, nose with a fine scent of vineyard-peach, dried apricot and slight scent of elderflower, typical Villa-Tolnay sweet herbs nose and green-rock minerallity. The palate is profound, juicy and even so fine and elegant, with a well-balanced acidity, clear stone- and Rieslingfruit taste, refreshing and long lasting final note.

  • 2011 Chardonnay

Bright golden-yellow wish shining green reflexes, gentle roast aromas in the nose, precious woods, ripe apple scent with sweet herbs, fresh and cool minerallity with slight citrus aromas, very elegant on the palate, minerallic texture, slight peppery shade, vivid acidity with a touch of citrus and fine elegant roasted wood, slightly salty and long lasting final note.

  • 2008 Névtelen

Cuveé of 65% Cabernet Sauvignon and 35% Merlot. Deep dark ruby-garnet color, some violet reflexes and shining core, noble sweet herbs, black-currant and blackberry, fine and elegant tobacco nose. Complex on the palate, very minerallic and juicy berries. Slight scent of eucalyptus, present tannins and well integrated barrique, long lasting final note. Pannonian terroir!

  • 2009 Pinot Noir

Ruby-garnet color, full-colored border, light floral notes, cherry and sour-cherry scent, smoky and minerallic nuance, precious woods and a slight hint of orange peel. Juicy and deep palate, light vegetal and forest floor taste, firm tannins, fresh and powerful acidity, rich and long lasting final note with cherries and sour-cherries.