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Our wine selection for December

Wine Manufacture of Kislak

”They create genuine WINES with crystal clear phylosophy, naturality and artisanship. As it is told and as it was told once in a healthier world. Luckily, there are some who protect the wisdom of the old generation.”

(Alexandra Restaurant and Wine Guide


The wine manufacture can be found in Szőlőkislak, 5 km south of Balatonboglár, on a 12,4ha vineyard. They seek the harmonious relationship between their land, the people, the grape and the wine with the means of nature-friendly grape cultivation  processes on the protected slopes of the Somogy hills. The principle is simple and obvious in order to be able to manifest the the unique values hidden in this area, we must approach both grape-cultivation and winemaking in an honest and clean way.

5km from Lake Balaton, the beneficial effect of the lake can be felt, on the protected inner hills, the areas mainly with southern, south-western and eastern orientation, create a a unique microclimatic conditions  to facilitate the making of richly fruity, robust, harmonious wines.



White wines:

  • Szőlőskislaki Birtokfehér 2011
    Kislaki Bormanufaktúra - Légli Géza Pincészet

A light, fresh and youthful wine with characteristic aromas and acids. This Birtokfehér wine is very successful.

  • Szőlőskislaki Chardonnay 2010
    Légli Géza Pincészet

This wine is elegant, mellow, harmonic and dry. A beautiful breed characteristics remind us for spicy taste.

  • Szőlőskislaki Rajnai Rizling 2011
    Légli Géza Pincészet

Géza Légli has the latest wine and characteristic Rajnai Rizling. It has the scent of peach, ripe lemon, lime fruits and white flowers. This is a light, but rich wine.


Rosé wines:

  • Szőlőskislaki Rosé 2012
    Légli Géza Pincészet  
Refreshing wine with strawberry and cherry notes. This rosé is harmonic and light wine, it has a piquant acidity and fresh effect.


Red wines:

  • Szőlőskislaki Kékfrankos 2009
    Légli Géza Pincészet

Komplex und mellow, but clearly fruity wine. It characterized by sour cherry, red berry fruits, white pepper, rose pepper and drop of cumin and minerals.

  • Szőlőskislaki Merlot 2011
    Légli Géza Pincészet

It has large body, fruit flavor, silky tannins, elegant alcohol sense and long aftertaste. Eatable to the rich dishes.



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