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Our doctors

Expert physicians provide the support for recovery and health preservation at our medical center. During the mySPIRIT Health Program and our range of medicinal cures, as well as in the case of various health complaints, our guests can ask for help and practical advice from our physicians. Feel free to contact them!

Dr. Marianna Horváth, medicinal section director, head physician 
rheumatologist, physiotherapist

"After my university years at Pécs, I gained experience as a rheumatologist and physiotherapist at a medicinal hotel, which I later put to good use as the director head physician of the Sárvár Medicinal and Wellness bath. I've been working at the medicinal section of one of Europe's finest spa hotels, the Spirit Hotel, as the section director head physician since it opened its doors to the general public. Beyond traditional balneo and physical therapy treatments, we use a number of new methods, including a great emphasis on modern status assessment methods. With the help of these methods, we receive a complex overview of our guests' current state, thus facilitating prevention or their speedy recovery.
Ever since I was a young doctor, I've known that apart from medicinal treatments - and respecting the efficiency of these methods - there is another form of assistance, the so-called complementary medicine. For this reason, I studied acupuncture and homeopathy and have knowledge in the fields of manual therapy, neural therapy and various naturopathy methods.
Through my encounters with guests and patients, I feel it's highly important to spread the education of health and bring attention to healthy diets and regular exercise.
I feel that helping others is the noblest profession of all. I couldn't image a nobler or fairer calling than to help someone recover and preserve their seemingly lost health."

Dr. Ákos Tatár
general physician, expert on traditional Chinese and oriental medicine, head physician of mySPIRIT Health Program

“I gained my medical degree in Germany before going on to studying traditional Chinese medicine in Los Angeles. I worked as a doctor in numerous parts of the world: Germany, Norway, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Trinidad-Tobago. I gained proficiency in internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics, as well as in the use of medicinal herbs and in the field of alternative cures and acupuncture.
I firmly believe that medicine is focused on man and not the disease. I believe that reframing illness in a tale of recovery can facilitate understanding, mitigation and the cure of symptoms.
If we manage to understand the physical, mental or subconscious message of an illness, it becomes easier to find the way to harmony.”

Dr. Péter Miklós Antal
General practitioner specialist, homeopath

I received my medical degree in 2006 in Szeged and subsequently worked at Szent János Hospital as an anesthesiologist-intensive care therapy resident physician.
I continued my studies and gained a degree at the Mantra Free University where I completed the basic program as well as extrasensory reading, homeopathy with a total system approach, acupressure, Chinese medicine, psychological programming and radionics. This was followed by an Ear Acupressure Addictologist certificate in 2011.
In 2015, I received my international and domestic homeopathic physician certification as well as completing my general medicine qualification exam.
According to my philosophy, there are no universal therapies, so I choose not to blindly follow some method – whether it’s academic medicine and complementary therapy. A great number of recoveries were “predicted” by academic medicine in advance due to the large body of statistics; however, some recoveries should not have been possible based on statistics, which can be explained by complementary medicine; and additionally, there are cases which simply can’t be explained by anyone. This is what makes human existence so unique and wonderful. It feels great to take part and be involved in such miracles.

Medical examination

Medical examination
Medical examination 43 EUR
Medical controll 23 EUR

Following a thorough inquiry, the doctor administers a brief medical and musculoskeletal examination through which information can be obtained on the patient’s previous and present condition. Once this process is complete, the doctor establishes a customized healing therapy, prescribes the necessary medical treatment, discusses the time to be spent bathing in the medicinal hot thermal water and provides advice to the patient.