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Our healing water

Ancient forces, purging, rebirth…
For millennia, the springs bursting forth from the bosoms of Mother Earth have been the sites of sacred healing power for humanity.  

Spirit Mineral Hot Spring Water

The Spirit Hotel has its own mineral hot spring called Spirit Mineral Hot Spring Water: a 250 million years old source from a depth of 1,056 metres emerging at a constant 46 degrees Celsius. As far its composition is concerned, it is an alkaline water with sodium bicarbonate, pleasantly soft and silky smooth with a gentle touch, scentless and non-aggressive. ll mineral hot spring pools are refilled on a daily basis and permanently supplied with fresh water from the spring. This water is 100% free of chemical substances.This guarantees the optimal effect of the Spirit medicinal waters unique the world over.

Our medicinal water is perfectly suitable for the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal disorders, the post-treatment of operations, accidents and sport injuries and muscular loosening. It also has a beneficial effect on soft tissue rheumatism.

Our first-class treatments are also based on the world famous Sárvár medicinal waters, which are sourced from the hotel's own spring. The Spirit medicinal waters, which are under constant quality control, are perfectly suitable for traditional balneotherapy and the latest physical therapy treatments.

The recommended bathing time is 2 × 20-30 minutes a day. Medical consultation is required to start a bathing cure in the case of any intestinal diseases. The recommended duration of treatments is 2-3 weeks. In all cases, medical examinations are carried out prior to commencing the medicinal cure.

Applications of the Spirit Mineral Hot Spring Water:
Chronic, degenerative joint
Chronic vertebral diseases
Chronic phases of inflammatory movement diseases
Relaxation of muscle cramps
Discoid disturbances
Rheumatic symptoms
Sprained joints
Muscle strain caused by accident
Sport injury
Postoperative rehabilitation
Postoperative rehabilitation

Severe cardiovascular and respiratory decompensation tuberculosis
Malignant diseases thrombosis
Intractable high blood pressure
Epilepsy diseases involving loss of consciousness
Extensive inflammations of the skin
Open wounds
Under 14 years of age

Constitution of the Spirit Hot Spring Water

 mg/L mmol/L
potassium K + 14  0,36  0,52
natrium Na + 1550 67,39 98,06
ammoniaNH4 + 10,4 0,58 0,84
calciumCa2 + 6,5 0,33 0,48
magnesium Mg2 + <0,5 0,04 0,06
ferrumFe2 + 0,27 0,01 0,01
manganese Mn2 + 0,03 0,00 0,00
litiumLi + 0,1 0,01 0,01
total cations: 1582 68,72 100,00
nitrate NO3 - nd.    
nitriteNO2 - nd.    
chloride Cl - 521 14,68 21,12
hydrobromideBr - 0,57 0,01 0,01
iodideJ - 0,24 0,00 0,00
fluoride F - 1,25 0,07 0,10
sulfateSO42 - 34 0,71 1,02
bicarbonateHCO3 - 3294 54,00 77,68
sulfide S2 - nd.    
phosphate PO43 - 1,5 0,05 0,07
total anions:  3852  69,52  100,00
meta boric acid HBO2 11,6    
meta silicaH2SiO3 35    
free carbonic acidCO2 245    
oxygen O2 1,9    
total:    5728   138,24 

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