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Harmonic flavours– Masterful delicacies

Excellent ingredients, modern technology, classical and new recipes – with a hint of gourmet lifestyle. We always serve our guests fresh, light, spectacular and delicious dishes and unique desserts at both our restaurant and the bars. These fine culinary experiences are rounded off with carefully selected drinks and artful cocktails.
“I believe that good cooking starts with the foundations: we prepare our dishes from excellent quality ingredients that are locally sourced, if possible.
The needs of our guests come first, thus we seek to fulfill their requests, catering to all dietary habits and intolerances with no need for compromises.”

Attila Borda,
Spirit Hotel***** chef

Onyx restaurant
Our restaurant is characterized by carefree elegance. The grand, entrancing visual elements create a unique, yet breezy milieu. Our winter garden seems to belong to the forest itself, allowing us to observe the fine details of nature. The lavish selection of carefully arranged food and drink on the breakfast and evening buffet tables is complemented by a wealth of fresh fruit, vegetables and organic produce.

Naturally, our guests may also choose from a range of dishes on the menu conceived by our master chef for lunch and dinner, yet we will also gladly prepare your favorite dishes and meet your special requests from the ingredients at our disposal.

We feel it's important to focus on purchasing basic ingredients from local producers so we could provide our guests with the best they have to offer. The following dishes are almost always included in our buffet table spread:

  • angus beef
  • mangalica pork
  • vaskeresztes trout
  • organic eggs
  • organic sprouts

Local small-scale producers deliver our primary ingredients which is an important factor, since these vegetables and fruits are ripened on the plants themselves instead of on trucks with ripening agents and thus they have a completely different, richer and finer taste.

Some of our herbs are grown on-site on the hotel's roof garden. Their fresh flavors enhance the taste of our already delicious treats.

Our range of dishes include

  • homemade jams, produced seasonally, containing no preservatives,
  • homemade pesto and chutneys, including mint pesto, basil pesto, ramson delicacies and other vegetable creams,
  • honey sources from local apiaries,
  • elderberries harvested from local fields used by our chef to brew one of the most delicious elderberry syrups of the region,
  • and homemade bonbons.

Beyond all of the above, we always place a great deal of emphasis on the procurement and usage of organic products. We feel it's important to provide our guests with pure foodstuffs free of chemicals, since we are convinced that this is one of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.

We endeavour to serve our guests special diets in case of allergy or intolerance

to ingredients or special dining requirement, like vegan meals.

Thus it's no coincidence that we chose a range of organic wine as our house wine, since the Szajki winery uses no chemicals harmful to the environment for pest control. The locally produced grapes are handpicked and carefully selected. As the result of the so-called "cold soak" fermentation reductive process, these wines preserve their characteristic fruity fragrance and taste.
Our grape juices served for breakfast are also source from organic farming and in fact, even our home beer was produced without any preservatives or additives.

We're proud of the fact that not only are our foodstuffs made from top quality ingredients, but we also support local producers.
“Elegance suits the latest culinary art and the 21st century gourmet existence just as it does in the case of the wonderful bouquet of bygone years, traditional cooking and our grandparents' world of flavors. Accordingly, we combine dishes suiting worldwide trends with Hungarian and regional ingredients, market-leading beverages and domestic craft wines and beer, and the exotic delicacies with local, seasonal fruits.”

Zsolt Dan,
Spirit Hotel***** F&B manager

Oxygen bar

In the bar located at the heart of the Oasis spa, our bathing guests may find light snacks, healthy cocktails and fruit delicacies. You can enjoy a refreshing drink or two or even a cooling and pampering ice cream dessert beside the pools, in a comfortable armchair on the terrace.

Lobby bar
Great coffee, tiny pastries and a fine drink while enjoying pleasant music and attentive staff help you forget the stress in your everyday life. Apart from a wide range of popular cocktails, our guests can even order a cocktail that best harmonises with the given moment! Our cocktail bar tenders with their innumerable awards are sure to be able to conjure up an amazing drink into your glass.

Luna bar
Our bar, which is also open at night, features great music, bowling and pool.

In the various parts of the hotel, we kindly ask our guests to dress in accordance with the event or occasion. We ask that gentlemen wear long trousers in the Onyx restaurant.