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Sárvár is an idyllic small town along the river Rába in Western Hungary. Once founded as the Roman settlement of Bassiana, it functioned as a castle against German attacks during the settlement of the Magyars in Hungary. Today’s Sárvár Castle has an eventful past: until 1280 it was in the possession of the King, afterwards it was owned by the Kőszegi family and then by King Charles I.

During the leadership of Ferenc Nádasdy, the people of Sárvár repelled the Turkish attack in 1532. After this, the town fell into the ownership of this famous Hungarian noble family, which enriched the cultural life of Sárvár. At Tamás Nádasdy’s court, famous scientists, artists, humorists, physicians and architects were welcomed as guests. In 1541, the first book in the Hungarian language was printed in Sárvár – the New Testament. After Ferenc Nádasdy’s death, Sárvár fell into the ownership of the Draskovich family. The new owner of the castle, Ludwig III. – Prince and King of Bavaria developed an exemplary economy out of the manor. He died in Sárvár.

In 1961, whilst drilling for oil, a special treasure was found: the hot mineral springs. On 20 August 1968, Sárvár’s city rank was returned and it became an attractive travel destination for health tourism.

Today, Sárvár is a popular, romantic small town without heavy industry. It has a population of approximately 12,000 and is located only 30 kilometres from the Austrian border. As one of the “Royal Spas of Europe”, its castle and Botanic Gardens are well worth a visit. The town centre is only a 15-minutes walk from the Spirit Hotel and invites extensive investigation and interesting shopping tours. Regular guests from all over the world have taken Sárvár into their heart – last, but not least because of the cordial hospitality of its inhabitants.