Exclusive Spinning Saturday
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Exclusive Spinning Saturday

In the middle of spring, everyone is buzzing with energy, which is worth using. At the second weekend of April, we invite you to a special sports programme! 


Spinning is one of the best cardio workout, that improves both body and soul, for mental ability and endurance. It is a really popular form of workout, and a new lifestyle. Everyone can do it regardless of age or gender.


There is a group of bikers in the room, riding the special exercise bikes and following the orders of a trainer. These bikes are similar to common exercise bikes, but differ from them in their mechanism. The class consists of several phases: the gradually increasing burden, the alternating intensity of the training and the motivating music enable group training that produces spectacular achievements and development in a short time.


Zsolt Marton, a spinning trainer, welcomes the enthusiasts of exercising five times on Saturday. It is not only a classical training! You can spin for soundtracks, national music, and there is a video spinning session, too, when we  ride leaving the hotel virtually. 


Apart from the usual free of charge sports programmes- outdoor, swimming pool, and gym- you are provided with the opportunity to try Flabélos, the new training method during the whole weekend.


  1. 11.00 am Spinning – Music of nations 30’
  2. 3.00 pm Spinning Classic30’
  3. 4.00 pm Spinning – Movie soundtracks 30’
  4. 5.00 pm Spinning Classic 30’
  5. 9.30 pm Video Spinning 30’


EXTRA OFFER: Get in shape!