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The demands established by the Spirit Hotel***** towards itself in accordance with its guests call for satisfying the needs of those who wish to relax with the highest quality products and services during their stay. 


We are convinced that this is one of the ways so that the time for recharging our batteries should be spent in the best way available, in relaxation and with the balance of the body and the soul.
In order to achieve this, it is indispensable that our guests should be provided with maximum comfort. Therefore, we make our beds with bedding produced by Naturtex Ltd. awarded two times with Superbrand Prize. We do not do with less: we pamper you 24 hours a day.


The Naturtex Ltd. is a market leader company in Hungary in the field of quilts, pillows and other bedding. The company established by Ákos Gellért in 1989 set in Szeged is one of the biggest feather-processing companies of Hungary. Goose-breeding has a thousand-year-old history, therefore, the Hungarian goose has a significant genetical base.


The Hungarian feahter on the high-demand markets is known and acknowleged worldwide. When making the Naturtex quilts and pillows they use speciallly insulating feather and flakes that is light but provides pleasant warmth, their cover is made of a uniquely woven cotton thread material  that is feather- and flakeproof.

Our company uses only exclusively the highest quality Hungarian-made new feather and flakes.

It is a speciality that the washing and cleaning of the feather and the flakes is done with a unique thermal-water technology. Within the framework of the program launched by the Naturtex based on renewable resources, the environmentally-friendly, economical and cost-effective way of cleaning feather was established. 

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