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Spiritual power

A new colleague to serve the spirit of our guests: Anna Anderson-Ujfaludi, lifestyle coach


Our lifestyle coach helps train our spirit the way a personal trainer helps strengthening our body. With her advice, our lifestyle can become healthier, more balanced and calmer. We would like you to experience your everyday lives more cheerfully after leaving the hotel, too.


That is why we employ our new colleague, Anna, who is suppossed to find the right path along with you to reach the above-mentioned aims. Who is Ann, and how can she be at your service?

She conducted her studies at the Australian College of Applied Psychology Institute, where she was taught methods like mindfullness therapy, positive psychology, solution-centered therapy, cognitive psychology, existentialist therapy and person-centered councelling.

Her personal aim here in the Spirit Hotel, is to enrich the guests’ experiences within the framework of relaxation, conversations, or any other activities. During the time spent together you can experience how you can turn to the targets to be reached only with the help of positive thinking. Here comes the opportunity to spend time to find and understand the inner voices that hide in all of us.

Let us see a specific example! There is a guest here on holiday for two weeks who has locomotorl problems and also wants to lose weight. The main question (at healing, slimming diet, etc): What are the personal aims?
What can be in the way? He or she should listen to what is really important, these dietary and medical pieces of advice, physical training, and the inner personal values, since without their clarification and balance it is not likely that his or her plans or his or her healing can be carried out. During the guided conversation the question is ” What are the things that do work well in the guest’s life?” and not ”What is the problem?”, how he or she can reach the desired aim; we talk about the positive future and about what he or she is like and how he or she would behave in that situation. We word very specifically what steps lead to a positive image of the future.


As you could have always experienced, we work hard so that our guests can live the beauties of life with their whole selves and find recharging their batteries and spiritual calmness during their relaxation here. Within the time spent with Anna, we concentrate on the fact that during your stay here, the relaxation, and healing we become aware that you should choose the rich life full of meanings for you that you really wish to have. In the course of the conversations and exercises, people become more open and they can face mental renewal, too.


With our knowledge, experience and patience, we try hard to serve you on an everyday basis.- you can absolutely rely on us.