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Balanced Life Medicine Health Week in the Spirit

The Balanced Life Medicine Health Week is a special program in the Spirit Hotel, which provides hands-on experience and practical advice on how to free our bodies from the harmful environmental effects. One of the most exclusive wellness hotels of Hungary, the Spirit Hotel in Sárvár, gives home to this event.

The Health Week is marked by the philosophy of Balanced Lifestyle, which can be known from the website, and besides myself, several of my expert colleagues, contributing to the website, enable the program. We welcome everybody who would like to redirect the process of their chronic disease in a positive way, wants to lose weight, wishes to purify their body, or just wants to be enriched with a special experience through a real active wellness program.

We provide the participants with a diet mainly consisting of raw vegetables, germs and vegetable juices that help the self-purifying processes of the body. Besides this, we support the detoxifying functions with dietary supplements. The basis of every purifying cure is the cleansing of the bowels, which we provide two times during the week with colon-hydrotherapy made with chlorophil and saline solution, besides the consumption of a huge amount of fibres.  The restoration of the intestinal flora is supported by probiotics. The process of purification is made complete with regular lymphdrainage and a sauna scheme.

The program is supervised by doctors, and comes complete with a physical check-up, which incorporates a blood-drop analysis, lab blood test, abdominal, neck and circulation ultrasound check-ups, and also a thermographic body-analysis. This check-up is not a screening, rather, it is collecting of data, so that the participants can go on reaching a physical-spiritual balance customized after the program. In order to do so, we highly emphasize to turn inside with the help of daily yoga and common walks, also with the help of yoga, we get tools to stretch, to relax our bodies and to give a swing to tour hidden energies. We need to obtain the right information to make correct decisions on our lifestyle, therefore, the participants take part in free, educational conversations so that they can better know their physical and spiritual functions.



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Dr. Gulyás Tamás