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Body control

Do we really know our bodies?

The make-up of our bodies, the composition of our tissues and the proportion of their components have precious information that can enable us to obtain an objective picture of their present condition. We can get to know what the strengths are and where the deficiencies that are to be corrected are in case we change our way of life.

The N20 condition monitoring device is suitable for body analysis. It shows what the water content of our body is among the tissues and inside the cells, it also measures the amount of the protein and minerals and gives information about the fat and muscle weight of the body. It transforms the deviations from the optimal condition into numbers and it also shows what calorie intake is necessary to gain our ideal body and muscle weight. With the help of the expert analysing the data, we can be informed of what the consumed food should consist of and what ingredients it should contain as well. The device can differentiate the location of the fat, since it also shows, apart from measuring the total fat, how many per cent of it is belly fat posing as health hazard.

The N20 body analysis device maps our body with low frequency electromagnetic waves harmless to the human body. The water, the muscle and the fat drive electricity differently, providing a basis for the measuring.

The obtained data is being shown during measuring, too, then it sums them up, records and stores them electronically and in a printed version too. With repeated measurings, we can get objective information about whether the wished for changes have started in our bodies due to the altered lifestyle.