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There is a newly introduced original Taiwanese method in Spirit Hotel, called Bamboo Spa Treatment.  The essence of it is that the therapist according to the Feng Shui Jin & Jang principles energizes the face and the whole body with the help of moving the bamboo stalks.
Chinese believes that the system of 14 collateral meridians is responsible for the thorough and complete circulation of energy (Qi or Chi). If one felt exhausted, tired, painful, weak; the special bamboo massage can clear the obstacles and brought the bad Chi out by rolling, brushing, heating and deep-tissue carassing the meridians where the human fingers can hardly touch so deeply.


The treatments always starts with an energy check up. The 5-minute-long instrumental measurement provides the masseur with reliable information about the patient’s actual state. The whole ritual is 3-hours-long, buti t is also effective separately. It could be focused on the face or other parts of the body. The facial’s duration is 90 minutes, the whole body’s treatment is 2 hours long. The treatment is the most effective if before using, the bamboo stalks are hot up for 55°C and cooled for 40°C.
During the therapy the masseur is using an essential oil, what is for Lucky Bamboo Spa specially mixed and blended according to the Chinese Wu-xing Theory. The 5-elements (Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, and Earth). Essential oils can also help balance and restore the flow of Chi.

After the treatment your face will be lifted and silky. The Lucky Bamboo Spa massage working deeply and tenderly on your full face including the neck and shoulders. The face will be totally lifted in a very natural way. The Bamboo Massage can also help improving the circulation of joints, ankles, legs and feet.