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In good mood

We have organised numerous programmes for the spring weekends ahead of us. We offer experiences that make your relaxation not only full but unforgettable, too.

Spirit Easter >>>
In our hotel, every member of the family can enjoy the mirth provided by the holiday, while we provide the fine dishes and exciting programmes.
We welcome you with jam and honey tasting, artisan fair and a brilliant jewellery exhibition. We offer a plethora of musical experiences, even on Friday, the Spirit Trio performs, on Saturday, Timi Újvári and the Hot Stuff orchestra play, on Sunday, Ádám Szabó shows us that he is not only a perfect accordion player but a number one singer, too. Of course, you will not miss out on the traditional ham and bun baptising either!

We welcome our guests with an Experidance performance on 25th April. The performance is characterised by the brave deviation from the traditional forms, the tendency to renew and the flavour for novelties. The result of the many years of creative work is the clear, unique dance, musical and light world due to which the company is regarded as the travelling ambassador of the Hungarian dance culture both at home and abroad.

The long weekend of 1st May >>>
Do not let the first long weekend of the year pass without relaxation! We do our best to make your relaxation complete. Next to our irresistible spa unit, and pampering offers for treatment, we would like to surprise you with excellent programmes.
Apart from gastronomic and artisan shows, this weekend will be enriched with musical events. On Thursday, Roland Dörnyei plays the piano, on Friday, the Dinamic Band entertains the public, while on Saturday, Mrs Columbo performs at us, also, you should not miss the Retro Disco and the karaoke party either! We welcome you!