In the footsteps of Saint Martin
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In the footsteps of Saint Martin

The late bishop of Tour was born in today’s Szombathely, close to Sárvár, as a child of a pagan Roman family. Saint Martin’s whole life was dominated by his good heart, love, reverence for the ill and the poor. The story goes that, like Jesus, he could transform water into wine. On Martin’s Day, we commemorate him with baptizing the new wine, among other traditions.


On St Martin’s Day – as we look back on the past months, at the same time we get a taste of the future by sipping the new vine. With the weather turning chilly, we tend to enjoy more substantial dishes accompanied by the fresh vines encapsulating the summer’s taste. Our food and beverage sortiment composed especially for this special occasion – invoking the atmosphere of ancient roman feast – pay homage to a culinary experience.  It is worth tasting our dishes made of goose, as the Hungarian saying says, those who don’t eat goose on St. Martin’s Day, will starve all year long.

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