Medicinal miracle
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Medicinal miracle

Sárvár, the Europe-wide known spa town, the member of the Royal Spas of Europe, is regarded a medicinal site from now, the verification of which has been given to the mayor of the town by Ms Judit Paller, the Chief Medical Officer. So far, the title of medicinal site has been held by 13 settlements in Hungary, and this number has not grown for the past 28 years- only exclusively now.

According to the regulation by the Ministry of Health concerning the criteria for natural medicinal factors:
…(2) The whole or a designated area of a settlement can be delared medicinal site if

a)    it possesses a natural medicinal factor ( medicinal water, climate, etc)
b)    the criteria for medicinal facilities are provided ( medicinal spa, medicinal hotel, sanatorium)
c)    the environmental factors for the undisturbed medical processes and the calm relaxation of the patients are provided (cleanliness of air, noise level  and the organised green areas as a basics for the criteria of highly protected areas)
d.)  the management of the infastucture of relaxation is provided ( common utilities, transport, telecommunications, communal services, providers and service institutions)

Apart from the certified, effective medicinal waters, the quality of the climatic environment is also above the average. The noise level is low and during the air pollution tests, data typical of and expected from highly protected areas were measured.

Both the protection and sustaning of the exceptional environmental factors, the proper infrastucture and the remarkable cultural heritage make Sárvár special, due to which the spa town has been certified as a medicinal site. The health protection and medicinal unit of the Spirit Hotel satisfying all demands situated in the highlighted south part of the town, provides a perfect environment for regeneration, and recharging of both physical and mental batteries.

Sárvár is dedicated to further developments as a medicinal site, too. Among the plans, there arethe production of a themed medicinal path linking the town centre and the Spirit Hotel, and the surroundings of Boat Lake is also going to be beautified.