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Porte de Bras

The dance of the body and the soul


This is a gerne that amalgamates the basics of ballet and dance with different balance techniques and stretching elements, therefore developing your dynamic balance, the formation of the body control, and the sense of rhythm.The trainings develop the muscles of the leg, the arm, the shoulder and the whole upper body, as well as making our limbs and upper body more flexible as a result of the harmonious, soft movements. The set of movements stretch the spine, help form the normal physiological body position, or, its restoration.


A Port de Bras is not a dance class in the traditional sense of the word. There are carefully elaborated movements, exercises that are woven into a continuous, airy set of movements, based on ballet- and dance-related graceful movements of the arm and basic steps. Due to the continuous movements, the flow of energy is without interruption, the movements become elegant, controlled and safe.


Both the music and the kind of the training provides fulll relaxation for everybody, since the main aim is to feel good and let our hair down, our body should indulge in the music, switch our thoughts off, dance freely, and bring our souls into the music.

It is important that the Port de Bras basically does not need any previous dancing qualification! The movements are slow, airy, and the more dancy and balance elements get involved into it gradually, so anybody can learn it easily.

Every choreography can be easily acquired, all of us have the chance to get on step by step, increasing both intensity and complexity. it is a perfect complement for cardio training, strengthening or any other dance gerne.


We offer it to everybody who:

  • would try a new system of movements that does not overburden the body too much, and comes with graceful, airy set of movements, while shaping not only the body but its movements also have beneficial effects on the health
  • have already assisted jazz ballet, street jazz or classical ballet classes, however, he/she had to give them up for some reason
  • has been interested in ballet since he/she was younger, and it has been attractive for him/her ever since
  • used to dance earlier and now wants a fresh restart, since the Port de Bras trainings help regain your body condition