A new Hungarian bio cosmetics brand
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A new Hungarian bio cosmetics brand

We proudly presented our new cosmetics brand, the mySPIRIT skincare on a successful press conference. Chief editors and columnists came to the press conference in order to get to know the unique, new, Hungarian bio cosmetic product range and the treatment that is made special by the fact that it is incomparably customised.

On the press conference organised together with our partner hotel, the NaturMed Hotel Carbona, lectures were given by both the developers and the research doctor introducing the scientific background.

Dr. Szabolcs Ládi, The Chief Medical Executive of the Szent Györgyi Albert International Institute of Applied Nutritional Sciences highlighted the relationship between the healthy nourishment, the appropriate skincare and the beauty of the healthy skin.

Dr. Viola Gyovai, chartered biologist, the candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, informed the journalist of the related rules and regulations concerning approved bio cosmetics. As one of the developers and manufacturer of the mySPIRIT skincare products, she introduced the agents used, too.

Tünde Torhosi, master cosmetician, Blue Diamond Award-winner spa manager of our hotel, the inventor of the brand and the developer of the protocol of the treatments talked about the philosophy of the brand and called the attention to the unique features.

Why is mySPIRIT skincare so special?

  • they are not ”natural”, not ”vegetable origin” products but approved CERTIFIED, really clean bio products
  • instead of treating the different skin problems superficially, they contribute to restoration of the healthy operation of the skin
  • the products do not only serve beauty but also play a part in the protection of the skin, and therefore the health of the whole body.
  • all of the products are scented with bio perfume
  • the products come complete with a unique cosmetic treatment
  • it is a product range born out of the result of a Hungarian innovation, the birth of the brand is due to Hungarian researchers, developers and investors


A convincing introduction

The representatives of the press could get to know the brand not only in theory but also they had the chance to try the mySPIRIT treatments and they also started to test them. Their reports and their respectfully positive opinions have already been publicised and you will read interviews with the developers of the brand in the near future.