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Celestial touch

Our skin is grateful if we pamper it with structure-stregthening, regenerating and firming treatments form time to time. Our treatments applying the most modern technologies, intensive agents, multivitamins provide the skin with everything that is necessary for its beauty and health.

The ”soft” laser light beam, which can be safely used by cosmeticians, too,activates the renewal process of cells. The stimulated cells, combined with the agents administered to the skin with the help of mezotherapy enabling faster absorbtion, provide the skin with radiance and freshness. The vitamin A mask rich in antioxidants, and the Retinol eye care smoothes the tiny wrinkles and strengthens and enriches the skin structure with substances. 


The package includes:


2 times:
Soft Laser+Mezotherapy+Ionto Arcelmed Matrix Repair ampoule

Soft Laser
The soft laser head applies the less than 1000 mW performance, that can also be used by cosmeticians, and is a perfect tool for biological cell stimulation. Due to the light beam, the renewal cycle of cells is shortened. The edema-relief and anti-inflammatory effects of soft laser becomes visible in the fact that the skin is not tight and the redness becomes relieved.

The new procedure for delivering active substances into the skin utilises pulses of electric energy that form easily permeable ways for the active ingredients into the layered structure of the skin. Using mesophoresis the infusion of treatment substances is easier and more effective, which results in a more intensive effect. Right after the first treatment a very spectacular refreshing effect can be experienced on the treated skin area on any part of the body or on the face.
1 time:
Jean D’Arcel Vitaminée Kit treatment

We use this texture-strengthening treatment, when, after a gentle peeling, an antioxidant, multivitamin ampoule is applied with vitamin C gel. Also, the Retinol eye treatment is the part of the treatment, and a special vitamin C mask that can be smoothed onto the skin.

  The price of the package: 198,- EURO