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The cryosauna uses cold as a therapeutic tool to great effect in the areas of healing, beauty and slimming diets. The unique technology of the cryosauna makes it possible for a person to endure the low temperature in comfort for a short time and to enjoy all its positive effects.


The effect known as cold shock is in operation in the cryosauna, the efficacy of which has long been demonstrated in the area of therapy. In a similar way to ice packs and vascular exercises using hot and cold water, the use of the ice sauna is also extremely effective in the treatment of inflammation, in pain relief and in fat burning.


The cryosauna is the antithesis of the traditional sauna, as it does not subject the body to high temperatures, but to extremely low temperatures of -120 to -170 °C. You needn’t be afraid of “freezing” in the great cold, however, as the air in the sauna is exceedingly dry. One treatment lasts for 1-3 minutes at most. The temperature drops constantly over 30 seconds to the desired level, then remains unchanged at the temperature attained for the required time period. Depending on the purpose for using the cryosauna, it is worthwhile taking a course of treatment comprising 10-20 sessions.


Don’t feel bad because of the cold! You body does not come into contact with cold damp air during the treatment, and you needn’t think of being plunged into cold water, but of the healing action of cold dry air with its beneficial effect on the body.


When using the cryosauna the legs are protected by woollen boots, which are provided by the hotel to all guests. During the treatment it is important to wear a cotton bathing suit or underwear. In the cyrosauna, only the body comes into contact with the cold dry air, not the head, so you can breathe the surrounding air at an agreeable temperature during the treatment, and you will not feel claustrophobic.


The cryosauna treatment is a decidedly pleasant experience. The ice sauna is special in terms of both appearance and feeling. Stepping into the bamboo covered cabin is an agreeable sensation, which in its colour and material recalls the softness of vegetation rather than the negative feel of cold water.


Cryosauna is suggested for…


As a result of the action of extreme cold, anti-inflammatory and analgesic hormones are released in the human body, and endorphin production is stepped up. Under the influence of these your general condition improves and pain tolerance also increases. A course of treatment is eminently suitable for the healing of sprains, fractures and tendovaginitis, and even drug treatment may be avoided due to its effects.

Rebirth by slimming
The therapeutic power of the cryosauna can also be used to advantage in the efficacy of a slimming diet. Under the influence of great cold, the body mobilises all its energy reserves in order to warm all parts of the body, or to maintain them at the familiar temperature.  A measurable result of this energy consumption is loss of calories and body weight reduction.


In and of itself the cryosauna will not produce the expected results, if this course of treatment is not coupled with physical exercise and an appropriate diet.


Beauteous skin
The cryosauna has a great effect on the body tissues, systemic circulation, the joints and the epithelial tissue. The cold air at -170 °C optimises and even improves metabolic processes, thus increasing skin flexibility. Following multiple usage, the skin visibly increases in beauty, and the battle against cellulite can also be successfully engaged.