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Dynamica Medicine

It is a modern 3 minute energy analysis with software that works based on 300 heart rates, with the use of ECG and EEG.

The Dynamica Medicine explores the possible causes of diseases, highlights the weaknesses of the body and shows what areas need to be strengthened to prevent any disease by analyzing the heart rate digitally.

The Dynamica Medicine is a modern, software based energy analysis, which partly determines the cardiovascular and autonomic and central control system reserves, and on the other hand, it estimates the difference of these indicators from the normal state. During the dynamic examination we check the functional status of your body.

It provides information on, among other things
  • the state of the vascular system
  • the capacity of blood 's oxygen-carrying
  • the status of the autonomic nervous system
  • the status of the central nervous system
  • stress tolerance
  • the immune system , the body's protected status
  • the age of biological life
  • the energy status, energy level

The benefits of screening
  • fast
  • painless
  • no need to undress for the test
  • the result is immediately visible on diagrams
  • it is an objective method, the result is independent of the person handling

The screening includes the testing and the analysis.

Important: With the energy Dynamica Medicine status analysis the development of bigger health problems could be prevented, however, it does not substitute the medical laboratory tests prescribed by the specialist.