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Effective and spectacular

We rejuvenate your skin-an effective and spectacular treatment.

The Matisse treatment offered by our Premium Dermal SPA aesthetic dermatology unit rejuvenates your skin without harming the skin’s surface. Let it be the first signs of the aging of the skin, smaller or deeper wrinkles, the loss of flexibility, or scars remaining after spot or wide pores, the Matisse treatment can offer help with a remarkably developed technology.

The light of the laser used produces thousands of microscopic, heated channels under the skin, just in the place where the structural changes causing wrinkles and scars can be found. The heating of cells starts the regeneration process of the skin structure within the small channels, while the surrounding untreated areas support the ”healing”. The revival of both the skin cells and the harmed structure of the skin tissue thus proceeds as a natural process, since the fractionated laser light does not do any harm on the skin, just starts a natural process. The collagen stucture found in the skin tissue also undergoes a beneficial change: due to the heat, new collagen fibres are produced, providing a stronger support and a firming effect for the skin.
The treatment has a deep impact, nevertheless, it is painless due to the painkiller cream administered. Since the skin surface does not get harmed, you can enjoy the services of the hotel next day.

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