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FLABéLOS is a movement therapy (Full Body Vibration) product, developed by an Australian professor and manufactured by the Singapore company OTO Bodycare® (Superbrands).


Standing, sitting or lying on the moving surface of the appliance, the body is subjected to successive loss of balance, the effect of which being that the brain sends messages in order to restore balance. Under the influence of the vibration the muscles contract and relax automatically in order to correct the body position in this unstable state.


These muscle contractions are much more intense and efficient: 100% of the muscle fibres are actuated, and as many as 10-60 muscle contractions can be achieved in a single second.
In a 10 minute FLABéLOS training session, an effect equivalent to 45-50 minutes of exercising in the gym can be attained comfortably, without effort, in a way that is kind to the joints.


The training has a great many positive physiological effects:

  • increases muscle strength, tone and flexibility, as well as proprioception
  • increases stamina
  • raises the pulse, blood circulation and metabolism
  • helps burn fat
  • helps reduce and eliminate cellulite (orange peel syndrome)
  • prevents osteoporosis
  • develops coordination and the sense of balance
  • boosts the level of O2 in the body, thus improving concentration
  • improves overall condition
  • reduces stress (increases the endorphin hormone level and reduces the cortisol level)
  • enhances operation of the immune system
  • can be recommended for warming up before doing other exercises, or for stretching after exercising
  • recommended for preventing or eliminating muscular stiffness



  • for sportsmen/women (for recuperation, rehabilitation, increasing performance)
  • for manual labourers
  • for those wishing to slim (for body weight loss, improvement of condition)
  • for those with sedentary jobs (for counteracting the harmful effects of sedentary work)
  • for those with a sedentary lifestyle (to supplement exercise)
  • for those with a stressful lifestyle, with lack of time (the machine thoroughly animates you in 10 minutes, and reduces stress)
  • for the elderly (in order to preserve health, fitness and vitality)

In the following cases, be sure to consult a specialist!

  • if a pacemaker is fitted
  • those with irregular heartbeat
  • in case of fever, acute inflammation or infection
  • in case of acute injury, swellings or pains
  • following surgical operations
  • in case of kidney stones, gall stones or bladder stones
  • if artificial joints or any other implants are fitted (prosthesis, metals, etc.)
  • during pregnancy
  • those with epilepsy or severe panic disorder

Use of FLABéLOS machine by hotel guests

Prevention for healthy, fit guests – to boost physical and mental efficiency

  • targeted training for various muscle groups
  • increasing stamina
  • reducing harmful effects caused by sedentary work
  • improving posture, strengthening back muscles
  • boosting blood and lymphatic circulation
  • stress reduction
  • improved overall condition
  • osteoporosis prevention
    • 1st day: 1 x 10 minutes
    • from 2nd day: 2 x 10 minutes / day
    • During the training, the exercising of the various muscle groups should always be appropriate to the guest’s capacity and state of health. 

For guests wishing to slim
  • exercising of problematic areas (belly, thighs, bottom, upper arms)
  • aids fat burning
  • aids reduction and elimination of cellulite
  • boosts blood and lymphatic circulation
  • aids detoxing
  • firms and shapes the body
  • improves stamina
    • daily 1 x 10 minutes
    • at least 3-4 sessions per week, or as many as 6
    • During the training, the exercising of the various muscle groups should always be appropriate to the guest’s capacity and state of health.


For elderly guests

  • prevents or restricts the progress of osteoporosis
  • increases muscle strength
  • boosts internal muscle tone
  • improves blood circulation and stamina
  • improves coordination and balance, thus preventing falls and the resulting fractures
  • strengthens the immune system
    • 3 x 10 minutes per week
    • The training must always be done with regard to the guest’s capacity and state of health.


Treatment time:  10 minutes / session
Dress recommended for training:

  • comfortable clothing
  • flat soled shoes or trainers

Appointments and check-in: Spa reception


1 session                                       1 200 HUF / 10 minutes
season ticket for 5 sessions     5 000 HUF / 5 x10 minutes
season ticket for 10 sessions   8 000 HUF / 10 x10 minutes