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Healthy beauty

The health-conscious approach of the Spirit Hotel harmonises with the philosophy of the new bio cosmetics brand, the mySPIRIT skincare. This philosophy is based on the dedication to health, and the respect of natural harmony. The Hungarian professionals and investors were inspired by this idea when they decided to realize the creation of a pampering, bio cosmetics product range and a unique treatment. The bio cosmetics brand complying the highest of standards, the mySPIRIT skincare was introduced to the market in 2014 after two years of dedicated work.


The mySPIRIT skincare is a unique luxury cosmetics brand offering bio facial care products combined with customised treatments for those who regard health and harmony a priority in every segment of their lives.


The mySPIRIT skincare brand harmonises the operation of the skin tissue with bio cosmetics complying the highest of standards and with customised treatment, making the natural relationship closer with the individual and nature


The mySPIRIT skincare cosmetic products are made from the precious treasures of nature and comply with the highest standards. The BIOKONTROLL licence demonstrates that more than 95% of the ingredients come from bio cultivation, and whose way from the growing area to the end-product can be detected.


The mySPIRIT skincare cosmetic products do not only treat the superficial skin problems by creating the harmony of the skin but also they make the skin brighter and more lively. The organic agents restore the balance of the lipid layer protecting the skin from outside and optimise circulation. They hydrate and nourish the skin therefore activating the self-regeneration processes of the skin, making it more flexible and resistant to harmful environmental effects.


The secret of the mySPIRIT skincare treatment is that it is customised- with exclusive bio agents, water energised with the natural power of half-precious stones and with customised bio oil mixtures.


These unique, exclusive cosmetics treatments can be first enjoyed by guests in the Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa*****SUPERIOR and the NaturMed Hotel Carbona****SUPERIOR in Héviz, which are dedicated to health protection and have been awarded many times


The facial care products can be exclusively purchased in these two hotels and the in the webshop