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Miracles? We can make them - Premium Dermal Spa

Nothing can limit your wishes at our place! In our Dermal Spa, perfect specialists are in wait for those who wish to become beautiful, applying the most modern technology, to help solve the problems of not only the renewing of the skin, but also to fight pigments or the disturbing varicose veins.


The professional background is provided by the doctors and specialist assistants of the Dr. Derm Dermatology and Aesthetics Laser Centre, who have been specialised in the uncompromising, high-quality care of the women and men wishing to become beautiful and fighting dermatological –cosmetic problems.


Their special mission is to treat dermatological problems causing aesthetic problems and blemishes with laser. The variety of apparatus they use is so large that there are some of the there are therapies that can be carried out only by them in our country. 

They have proved for the past more than 20 years that the combination of empathy, professional practice, and the most modern tools is the criteria for the fulfilment of wishes. 

The especially short treatment and healing time provides an opportunity to link relaxation with aesthetic treatments, perhaps at a longer weekend. In the Spirit Hotel, luxury and beauty go hand in hand. Enjoy the perfect harmony of expertise and exclusive service!

As part of our special anti-aging programme, there are several tools, combined with each other according to the actual condition of the skin to prevent or slow down skin aging, and treat corrugations, wrinkles and pigments.

In order not to touch the skin or do harm to it, i.e. (non-ablative method to renew the skin), we use the “3D skin rejuvenation” method. The treatment elaborated on by the Dr. Derm Dermatology and Aesthetics laser Centre, treats the skin problems caused by the sunshine and aging. The short, 30-45 minute targeted treatment is effective against pigments, enlarged veins, pores, and the collagen tissue of the dermis, providing firmness.

Besides lasers, the BBL photorejuvenation method has spectacular effects in removing pigments, freckles, treating freckled hands or décolletage and eliminating the beginning of the symptoms of aging.
The Quanta Matisse fractioned (targeting specific cell groups of the skin) rejuvenating technique can also be very effective, which can renew the skin without hurting it.


Other treatments


Skin Tyte skin firming
Using broad wave light energy we affect the collagen fibres of the skin in the deeper layers in the interest of a firmer, more youngish appearance. This treatment is recommended for those who would like to have a milder but visible improvement in the appearance of their skin. The immediate result is evident even the next day, and its condition is improving for month on. 

before   after

Fractioned non-ablative rejuvenation
The rays of the laser used by us fades the traces of the harm caused by aging and UV rays, also, they improve the unevenness caused by scabs. We also stimulate the creation of collagen in the skin, which is responsible for the texture and tone improvement of the skin. Anyone with a visible trace of aging, harm caused by sunshine or scabs can be treated. During the treatment the surface of the skin is not hurt, therefore, there is no need to treat wounds.


This process can be dubbed as “weekend” peeling, since we treat the sunshine-burdened, operation-caused or acne-related scabs, due to sporting lifestyle. If you wish for more than the microdermabrasing techniques, using slight chemical or herbal peeling, can offer, and has some day for the healing, the MicroLaserPeel is for You. A significant, immediate result can be expected: you will feel your skin silkier, more vitalised and healthier, accompanied by the improvement of the skin’s texture and firmness. Healing can last for 3-7 days, therefore, dedicating a long weekend or some days off work, you can go back to your everyday routine soon.


ContourPeel deep peeling
The Contour peeling means the new generation of peeling combining two laser systems. It is suitable for treating fine and deep wrinkles, blemishes, acne scabs, patches caused by the sunshine, and even operation scabs. With the help of the Contour, we remove the thin upper layer of the skin surface, therefore, a fresh, youthful, skin is recreated in its place. The top layer of the skin regenerates in a week, so the trace of the intervention can be hidden by make-up.


ProFractional –fractional ablative treatment
It is a fast and comfortable process, which improves the general appearance of the skin in a short healing time. On the treated area, new collagen is formed, which fills the skin from the bottom, smoothing the wrinkles, borrows, scabs and other surface unevenness. We can feel redness immediately after the intervention, resembling slight sunburn. The complete healing lasts for 1-7 days, however, mostly after 2 days, you can return to work wearing make-up.


Our laser tools offer a fast, simple and safe solution for depilation. During laser depilation, we remove many hairs with only one flash, the treatment consists of series of flashes like that. We use three different sources of light to remove the hair effectively from big surfaces even from the pigmented skin type.


The treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, rosacea
In order to treat enlarged veins, spider veins, redness and rosacea, we use 4 different effective laser and light technologies, unique in Hungary. With this method, thee problems can be cured without the skin surface being hurt. After the treatment, if it was administered to a small area, you can go back to work immediately.

Eliminating pigments, freckles
From three different methods, customised, choosing the most optimal treatment, we help to get rid of the disturbing patches.

before after

Scab correction
The relief of aesthetic problems deriving from various scabs due to accidents and operations does not mean a task that could not be managed. Evidence provided by experience in pulsing paintlaser that the sunken or protruding, red or light red coloured, regular operation or irregular accident scabs will improve during the treatment.


Spotty skin, the treatment of acne
With a special light therapy, even the problems caused by acne can be treated. The applied light types reduce the inflammation and the scabs, improve the condition of the skin and its ability to with stand pathogens.



For more information please contact our colleagues on +36 95 889 597, or send an email to info@premiumdermalspa.hu!