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mySpirit immunity boost

As the member of the Healing Hotels of the World encomprising the best medicinal hotels all over the world, The Spirit Hotel offers professionally founded, comprehensive protection and therapy services. Naturally, several immunity boosting treatments and programs welcome the guests, too. The polarized light therapy, the ice sauna,  the traditional sauna, and the steam bath, as well as the Hamam and the Razul are effective in enabling the operation of the immunity.

Our immune system is the fort of our body, which differentiates the materials of the body from the strange ones. It keeps illnesses away by eliminating pathogens and harmful materials. Healthy lifestyle itself contributes to the maintenance of our immunity, however, after some illnesses or when seasons change, especially with cold weather, it is worth trying the beneficial effects of special immunity programs in order to keep our vitality.


In this special light therapy, the electromagnetic field of popularized light strengthens the operation of cells, exercising a special effect on the blood cells. The cells in the blood playing an important role in the immunity become more virulent, due to which they can operate much better, therefore winning over the pathogens in the body faster and eliminating the harmful cells abnormally formed.


The essence of the treatment is the fast and high level of temperature change. After some minutes of extremely cold treatment strengthens the immunity, hushes away bad mood and even the healthy skin becomes brighter. Combined with the right nourishment, targeted exercises, it does not only enable the solution of the accumulated fat, but also it boosts the flexibility of the skin tissues.

Sauna and steam bath

The wet heat of the steam bath and the dry heat of the sauna are both beneficial to our system, and it depends on the individual which is good for whom. Both detoxifies the body, relaxes and strengthens the recharging of the system. Due to the heat, the circulation becomes faster, perspiration operates more, the pores of the skin become larger, circulation gets better, and the immunity gets stronger.

Razul and Hamam
The Turkish Hamam and the ancient Egyptian Razul are rituals built on centuries of traditions, the temples of relaxation, recharging and purifying. In the Oasis of the Spirit, they got a separate sanctuary equipped and furnished according to strict regulations, where the well-trained Hamam and Razul masters using original materials and tools do their ritual with authentic moves. The spirit eases up, the body gets rid of toxins, its energy stores get charged, the cells become more virulent by gaining more oxygen, which also boosts our immunity.

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