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Organic Beauty Care

As part of the healthy lifestyle, we must take a special attention to the care of our skin.

We should avoid cosmetics that cause uncomfortable skin feel, affect the operation of the system and might do harm to the operation of the organs. Some additives might cause serious problems in the body, especially if they are stored. They block the healthy operation of the system from the inside and damage the metabolism with the environment. As a reaction to certain environmental effects, mainly to sunshine, they might cause serious transformations on the skin.

Our skin is our biggest organ, which protects the system from the harmful effects of the outer world, thus simultaneously linking the system with its environment. Therefore, it is vital to use the most natural materials available that can create harmony between the individual and the world around.

In the bio products, the materials and agents applied come from controlled bio environment, and their production processes comply with the strict regulations when they get into the cosmetic products. We can supply our skin with our food and water intake in the right amount in order to maintain our skin from inside, and treating it with bio cosmetics from outside and consciously accepting the biological changes deriving from our age and thus we can join the cycle of the nature.

mySPIRIT Skincare >>

The main aim of the new Hungarian bio cosmetics and the related treatments debuting in the Spirit Hotel is to protect the health of the skin. The mySPIRIT skincare does not treat the singular skin problems but makes the skin bright and healthy by restoring the harmonious operation of the skin tissue and protecting it. The Biocontrol certificate justifies that all of the mySPIRIT skincare products are bioproducts complying the strictest regulations, where more than the 95% of the ingredients come from checked bioproduction.