SkinTyte skin firming
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SkinTyte skin firming

An immediate, spectacularly effective skin firming treatment- instead of cosmetic surgery!

The SkinTyte® infrared skin firming treatment immediately improves the hold of the skin. It is the soft treatment of the loose skin of the face, the forehead, the double chin the upper arm and the abdominal with spectacular effects. We treat the deeper layers of the skin without damaging the surface, therefore there is no need for healing time.


The SkinTyte® is one of the most favoured treatment in the USA among the patients who wish to look younger, and this is the case with the patients of the Premium Dermal Spa Dermatology located on the first floor of the Spirit Hotel. The SkinTyte® is painless, it uses a wide spectrum of light energy to heat up the deep-lying collagen fibres, which leads to the immediate contraction of collagen. The firming of the collagen tissues results in the smoothing of the skin above them. The heat imput stimulates the creation of collagen, therfore making the result of the treatment will be more lasting.

Problems to be treated are: loose skin, wrinkles caused by gravity, fine wrinkles, loose skin due to weight loss, or child birth. The most frequently chosen treatment areas are: the full face, the neck. The treatment can be applied all year round, not only in periods of poor sunlight conditions, like many others ( it is only not advisable before sunbathing). The SkinTyte® skin firming can be combined with the Vistabel® Botox® treatment of the wrinkles caused by the forehead’s mime muscles.

If you are willing to spend two hours becoming beautiful during your stay in the hotel, arrange an appointmen on the phone number of the reception of the surgery: (06 70 609 0124).