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SpaRitual treatments

The exclusive SpaRitual body treatments both pamper the body and nurture the skin with a unique combination of the holistic approach, vegan active agents and a special massage technique. In line with 21st century expectations, the products are paraben free and contain neither preservatives, petroleum derivatives nor artificial colourants. Bio cultivated plant components are combined with those gathered in the wild, which preserving properties due to the soil and climatic conditions of their original habitat are thus used as raw materials of outstanding quality. In a room perfumed with ionising sprays, the supplementary effects of the gentle but efficacious scrubs applied by special massage, the pampering, nurturing oils and the moisturising body creams restore equilibrium, aid relaxation and charge the body and soul with energy.

SpaRitual Ginger (60’)  EUR 73,-
energising, detoxifying treatment
A treatment based on the energising effect of Indonesian ginger. The body scrub made with fine sand from the shores of Bora Bora removes dead epithelial cells from the skin surface, then the massage with essential ginger oil promotes harmonisation of body energies, soothes, nurtures and moisturises the skin. Relieves muscle aches and strengthens the immune system.

SpaRitual Geranium (60’)  EUR 73,-
soothing, detoxifying treatment
A treatment based on the relaxant effect of the Egyptian geranium. The pampering skin scrub made from granulated sugar magically smoothes the skin, then the massage with essential geranium oil relieves tension, improves blood supply to the skin cells, and makes the skin fresh and soft to the touch. Relieves eczema complaints, optimises the composition of the natural lipid layer protecting the skin.

SpaRitual Chinese jasmine (60’) EUR 73,-
vitalising, stress-relieving treatment
A treatment based on the unique effect of Chinese jasmine. The power of fragile flowers was recognised even by the ancient Chinese, who used them in therapy and cosmetology. The skin scrub and the massage with essential jasmine oil condition and moisturise even sensitive skin. It not only soothes the skin, but helps to relieve stress with its aroma, strengthens body and soul, and awakens dulled feelings.

SpaRitual Lavender (50’)  EUR 64,-
treatment to restore equilibrium
Body scrubs selected to match your current condition either sooth or invigorate the soul, and liberate the body from dead epithelial cells. The scent of lavender promotes harmony, whilst the sea salts, magnesium and mineral substances extracted from special clays, supplemented with the effect of essential oils, charm a gleam into the skin.