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Spirit Pearls of Green Luxury

„Nature never did betray the heart, that loved her”
William Wordsworth


In the Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa Pharma Natur body treatments we open up new horizos of nature for you: timeless cleanliness sealed in herbs, the secret power of earth and sun…

In the Pharmos Natur treatments, we use fresh Bio Aloe Vera, healing oils and herbs from the Himalayas.

These special herbs are grown on their place of origin, accordiing to old traditions and in ecologically controlled areas.  Keeping to the traditions, they use them in a gentle way so that the most important agents shouldstay inside, being totally avoid of any kind of parabenic-based preservative.

Discover the Pharmos Natur Veda Me detoxifying  and the Alaya Me stamina ”Green” luxury treatments, inspired by the nature.

83 EUR

90 min

Pharmos Natur ALAYA ME life’s energy massage

This peeling massage is carried out using oils made from plants originating in the Himalayas. It improves the metabolism, strengthens the immune system and makes you feel completely relaxed.

83 EUR

90 min

Pharmos Natur VEDA ME purifying massage

During this purifying massage, so-called ”Kings’ Oil” is used. After the massage, a warm foot-treatment helps detoxification and the skin is renewed due to the antioxidant.