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Sparitual - The power of fragrances and colours

The health-conscious beauty-treatment in the case of manicure and pedicure receives a highlighted emphasis in the Spirit Hotel. Behind the SpaRitual products, there is a thinking hiding, which both respects traditions and is innovative at the same time. One of the principles of the SpaRitual is the environment-conscious attitude, our products are the only manicure and pedicure products that are guaranteed to be created according to vegan guidelines.  Even the shades of the nail polish are born with the unique amalgamation of colour therapy and numerology.

The products contain fine fragrance materials that have a therapeutic effect on the harmonious balance of certain chakras. Their agents are degradable organic components that do not contain artificial colourants, parabenes, harmful preservatives or petroleum derivatives, even in traces.


Classic manicure and pedicure
The well-groomed hand and feet are part of the smart appearance- we offer our classic manicure and pedicure for every occasion, or if we are short of time to try the fabulous Aurabalance treatments.

Classic manicure:        40 min.        Price: € 20,-
Classic pedicure:         50 min.        Price: € 22,-

Aurabalance manicure and pedicure
This aromatherapy treatment balances the whole chakra system of the body. The microalgae and the bath crystal containing the oil of ginger harvested in Indonesia remove the dead epithelial skin cells softly. The aromatherapy features of the ginger are enhanced by the relaxing hand massage when we use a therapeutic mixture in which besides the Chinese jasmine oil, organic aloe, shea butter, seasame, olive and avocado oil and vitamins A and E enable the skin to become radiant and velvety.

Aurabalance manicure        60 min.        Price: € 39,-
Aurabalance pedicure         70 min.        Price: € 46,-