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VitaJuwel - Mineral water energized with gemstones

The energy trapped inside rocks, minerals and gems is transferred as information into water when mineral waters are produced. Similarly to homeopathic drugs and Bach flower remedies, crystal waters are assistants to informative healing. Their mutual feature is that their efficiency lies not in their substance, but only and exclusively in the information they carry. Mineral waters are used to improve the quality of drinking water and (as "informed" water having a special effect) quality of life.

When mineral waters are produced, no material is dissolved into the water at all. In terms of substance, the water remains unchanged, yet it does make a difference. It will have a smoother, fresher and mellower taste - it all depends on the water and the gemstone used for energization. Mineral waters also have a slower rate of germ formation allowing them to preserve their freshness for longer periods.

Nothing but rock crystal is considered as natural as being suitable for use in producing "informed water" without having a special effect. Rock crystals have quite similar characteristic to those of pure water - it refreshes, vitalizes and energizes. Rock crystal makes water as it inherently should be: the clear and pure source of life.

Rock crystals often come with what they call a "basic mixture" with amethyst and rose quartz.
Sharing similar looks and properties, these related crystals offer very pleasant effects - is there anyone who does not want to be "vigilant, conscious and peaceful" (amethyst) or "sensual, sensitive and lively" (rose quartz). The information carried and transferred by the minerals makes water a "wellness drink" with beneficial effects. It is not by accident that our beauty professionals use this mixture in mySPIRIT skincare beauty treatments. In our hotel you have the opportunity to taste the special mineral water and we are pleased to help you pick the vial which you like the best and want to purchase so that you can enjoy the beneficial effects of the minerals in your home.

VitaJuwel mixtures were compiled by renowned crystal healing practitioners so that nothing but the effects promised are delivered.

The special "vials" which contain the minerals and are used for producing VitaJuwel mineral waters are important as no substance is dissolved from the rocks into the water and the vial preserves the quality of the minerals for years.