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Without problems

Even a silly, simple heart can cause fun. Nevertheless, if you hand it at a weekend in the Spirit, you will surely make this days unforgettable. A pleasant „Champagne” bath for couples is always guarenteeing your succes, and pampering your body and the soul.

35 EUR

20 min

Bath for couples

The adventure bath, combined with different light effects, is carried out in a beautiful exclusive bath. The intensity of the water can be set up individually. The underwater jet massage increases the blood and lymphatic circulation, kills the pain and improves the muscle tones. All these pampering services you can experience with your partner and with a glas Champagne.

The space is filled with semidarkness, music and the fragrances of censers.The light of candles appear on the Buddha statue from time to time, The study of life, the Ayurveda, can hardly wait for you to explore it! Get to know this speciality massage, relax with its help, detoxify your body and start a new way of life leading to health!

Ayurveda Shirodara

Ayurveda Shirodara
10 min 44 EUR
20 min 51 EUR
30 min 63 EUR

Ayurveda Shirodara is one of the most unique, special forms of Ayurvedic treatments. A blend of medicinal plant oild and sesame oil is dribbled on the guest's forehead, which has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system. The treatment helps ease the detrimental conditions caused by mental exhaustion as well as mitigating headaches and migraines.